Great web application ideas for launch in 2020


Here are a few apps for start-ups in 2020 that can help you

  1. Customer support chatbot
    Many organizations have introduced chatbots around the clock every day to meet the needs of their customers and this has boosted the business. This is an area worth exploring as chatbots are the future of online businesses and their need will only grow over the years. So if you are a beginner, consider working with different areas of chat robots to replace human work, which saves time and reduces costs.
  2. Astrology with machine learning
    Astrological prediction is not an easy task, and it is important that they are accurate, otherwise people will not be interested in it. Astrological predictions based on artificial intelligence can give people real-time predictions, and they don’t really have to visit an astrologer, which makes life easier. This can be a good idea for mobile app startups as it can be profitable and there aren’t many uses for industry users.
  3. YouTube radio
    At a time when video content is viral and YouTube is a popular platform for content producers to add videos and music. This idea can be promising and achievable with a small investment. By creating an app that helps users select and play the most viewed content on YouTube, there’s no need to search and create a playlist. When you want songs, just play the radio and start the party anywhere.

Social Networking

  1. Blockchain-based medical support
    As the population grows, the number of diseases increases and there are more diseases for which even doctors cannot find a cure, so to know these conditions and monitor their improvement, we can use blockchain technology. An online portal that connects patients and helps them find a cure.
  2. Dating and friendship
    Online dating and making friends with similar interests have now become very popular. There are several applications on the market that do this. The user needs to provide their knowledge, magic, antipathies and photo so that they can be compared to other similar people and they can casually decide to meet offline or continue meeting in an online app. These apps have taken the market by storm, and with a huge young audience around the world, it looks like a good starting point.
  3. Browser tracking
    A program with a browser extension to track employee activity, and when a suspicious website is opened, the administrator is notified. The application may also have timers that prevent the user from using a particular site for a long time. This app can also be used by families who want to control parental control over the devices used by the child. It would help parents monitor their children surfing the Internet and take appropriate action if necessary.
  4. Reminders
    Because of the busy lifestyle, people tend to forget important things in life. Sometimes they even forget basic things like drinking water or taking care of things on the way home because their agendas take their minds elsewhere. Therefore, it is very useful that you have an app that reminds you of certain things that you need to do on a daily basis. This app is used for all ages and is another good starting idea.
  5. Memes and GIFs
    Today, memes and GIFs are gaining popularity on the Internet. It would be an interesting idea to design a web application where people can search for funny memes and interesting GIFs and create their own personal options.
  6. Book Review Platform
    There are millions of book lovers around the world, and countless books are written and published each year. It is not possible for one person to have read all the books and some take their reading time seriously, so you are investing your time in a productive and interesting book. So design a program where thousands of people can write reviews of the books they read and that can help other people decide which book they want to buy and read.
  7. Workflow Management
    The construction industry employs people at different levels and requires information management related to real estate. There are various documents like building permits, building permits and v